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@sazius I believe that's addressed by the quoted text. I wrote a proof of concept script that went through the rules, it seemed to work. But will only be truly proven by real implementations.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-09-07T19:57:45Z

@Christopher Allan Webber, I not sure that understand your solution.

Now we have 2 situation where issue can appear:

  1. We got "Like" or "Announce" activity that point to "Article" of somebody who we do not follow.
  2. We looking through web and found public message from person who we never follow.

To comment original "Article" we need to got it's recipients list (at least if we do not want to create comment visible only for a specific people). But in both case we had only "object" id (that will be used for "inReplyTo"). So we can't understand what "to", "cc", "bcc" fields we must use for our new activity.

I do not understand what described under third bullet point under Inbox Delivery:

The server should recurse through these values to look for linked objects owned by the server

recurse and do... what? Target and deliver own objects again? This will not help if I do not follow this person.

In any case as well as I understand Inbox Delivery node this was created to deliver new activities (e.g. "Articles" that was made "inReplyTo" other "Articles") to all recipients. And this will not help to obtain old activities that you missed (because you not followed somebody at that time or because your server was offline when other server tried to deliver activity to you).

mnd at 2016-09-07T21:57:12Z

@mnd I think the text isn't making itself clear. I'm thinking about how to rephrase it.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-09-07T23:38:12Z

Is the text intended to imply that the server looks for, and obtains for its own storage, linked objects?

Claes Wallin (at those times when has issues) at 2016-09-09T22:42:33Z