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The end of Google Talk :(

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Looks like Google will finally once and for all axe a huge chunk of my XMPP roster... the remaining few that didn't click the "upgrade to hangouts" button

discontinued on June 26, 2017

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Google talk (the instant messenger) is a service that I hardly ever used, I had only tried it, but I imagine that a lot of people will be unhappy about the loss.  I was very fond of google reader, a service that was discontinued in 2013.

hammerron at 2017-04-20T14:30:50Z

>> hammerron:

“[...] but I imagine that a lot of people will be unhappy about the loss. [...]”

I doubt that. I'd say that most "federation-FAIF-aware" people who used that at some point, also used, or later moved to real XMPP servers. And those who didn't, probably were happy (i.e. didn't even notice) with the """""""""upgrade""""""""" to Hangouts (was that enough quotation marks? xD).

JanKusanagi at 2017-04-20T18:21:06Z


I did not even realize that Hangouts included a messaging service (Just peeked at a wikipedia article).  I'm ignorant as I've never tried it. 

hammerron at 2017-04-21T16:55:33Z

Sigh, I already had a plan in place to completely move away from it, but I was hoping to have more time to convince those few people I'm talking to over gtalk to migrate to a real xmpp server...

Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2017-04-23T07:34:31Z