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Killling the password via total surveillance

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Google/Alphabet planning on a total surveillance approach to replacing your password.


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This will "just happen" to enhance their ad-targeting.

They still don't get it. I don't want targeted ads, because they are creepy. I don't want an electronic spy deciding whether I am allowed to log into some service I use, either. at 2016-01-17T19:22:57Z

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Prior to seeing this, we've had discussions at work about how there is "ambient" security in the physical world. For instance, my coworkers know me. It would be very difficult for somebody to impersonate me in the work place. So one of the people at work has suggested that his phone or his computer could know him in a similar way. This might actually be acceptable as long as the data that is used to create the knowledge remained strictly confined to the device. Of course, I doubt that is the model that will be pursued.

Charles Stanhope at 2016-01-17T22:39:31Z

If people would be concerned with privacy, Facebook and the likes wouldn't be that successful and everybody would know and remember Snowden.
Truth is, the majority doesn't care about privacy as long as they can share funny cat pictures.

gdk at 2016-01-18T10:28:03Z

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I've working on a slightly different approach based on password-less cross-domain decentralised authentication. But this is Google and they want all your data and they've got the support of the US government so I reckon that will probably win against any ethical solution.

macgirvin at 2016-01-27T02:00:36Z