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Minifree x200 unboxing/discovery thread

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Just unboxed the x200 I ordered from I got it in the mail. I must have unwrapped 50 feet of bubble wrap.... I have no worries about it being damaged in the hop across the pond.

I turned it on and it quickly flashed a drawing of a penguin hugging a gnu from the libreboot bios, and in 5 seconds it was booted and at a prompt for me to log in.

I logged in. Opengl was working, wifi was working, out of the box. What universe am I in???

This thing has 8GB (oops, said 16GB initially) of ram, a 1 terabyte hard drive. It's lightning fast. I can't believe this is a totally free system. I also embarassingly admit at how surprised I am at how nice the Trisquel install is on here.

I can't believe it. It runs so nicely, it's so light, it's so fast... it's the nicest machine I've ever owned.

What is going on??? I thought free software users were supposed to have a hard time with hardware? Hats off to Minifree, impressive frelling work. Whoa.

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still .. 15 secs is a pretty fast boot .. not sure I believe thats from a platter!

I guess its a much more high-end machine than I'm used to seeing (quite likely - I use mostly second hand gear at home)

and maybe thats REALLY fast hard drive!

michaelmd at 2015-12-21T05:18:22Z

AFAIK the thinkpad X200 only officially supports 4GB RAM, 8GB is the maximum which may or may not work depending on the configuration (but the people from minifree of course preinstall a working one), so no, 16GB wouldn't have been a possibility.

Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2015-12-22T08:56:39Z

Yes, that was a mistake on my end. It's 8gb!

Christopher Allan Webber at 2015-12-23T19:12:39Z

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Interesting this version....I am very happy with my's a good laptop, very strong and confortable....Mine it's not totaly free...I work with Gentoo...

Could be the only difference between both bios and System?

Kraka at 2015-12-24T03:47:32Z