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I was wondering this morning, for people who are ok with a neo-nazi rally because "well it's free speech"... what percentage of those people would be okay with an ISIS rally? White terrorism gets a pass.

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It's called getting them right where we want them...for facial recognition and data capture. You don't necessarily need a warrant to take pictures at an open-air event where faces and people are openly visible to the naked eye. If they self-identify now, it can help with establishing motive if criminal acts occur later.

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I don't think one has to be "ok with" people saying repulsive things in order to believe that it should be their right. And I say "right" in the sense that it's the sort of thing that the government shouldn't have the power to stop.

That said, making actual (even if vaguely specified) threats is something that can and should be prosecuted.

And yeah, if ISIS were to hold a rally without engaging in or threatening violence, I'd be all for it. Well, all for not stopping it anyhow.

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Dunno about the US, but in Sweden both neonazis and ISIS fans -- and other radical islamists -- hold demos. At the point where they (both) encourage people to destroy the state of Israel or encourage violence against jews in general, they get prosecuted for hate speech. ❌ at 2017-09-08T02:12:07Z