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Some Pubstrate and soci-el screenshots

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Here's a Pubstrate screenshot, showing items in a feed. (It includes a little bit of a sappy micro-love-note. I was demo'ing to Morgan, sorry!) But the cool part is...

Here's a screenshot of soci-el, the emacs ActivityPub client I've been writing. The neat thing is that you see that on the right side, the *soci-compose* buffers I composed the messages from (yes, it's using org-mode, yes I'm using comments to hackily handle the "headers" section). These were then sent across the wire using the ActivityPub protocol. On the left side you can see my outbox rendered, also pulled down through the ActivityPub API.


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YESSSSSSS. It gets cooler every time I see it, NO JOKE. So excited for the future of the federated web! :)

AJ Jordan at 2016-09-15T06:26:36Z

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Is Pubstrate currently available for testing?

Would love to play with it locally. :)

Sean Tilley at 2016-09-15T17:43:24Z

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@Sean Tilley It could be, if you are brave, you can try it now. However, I recommend you wait a few weeks until I make a public release... there are huge gaps missing in the application, and there is no documentation. For example, there is no "registration" page; I load users into the database via the scheme REPL. That's not good external UX. ;) It's also probably harder to install, currently, if you're not using Guix, because of an obscure library (irregex) which isn't really needed, so I'll be removing soon.

It's close to a "download and try it" alpha, but not there quite yet. But the foundations are good. After my demonstrations at TPAC I'll work on making it into a package that others can try out.

I'm glad others are excited! :)

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-09-15T20:35:15Z

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