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Finally cut el-get out of my .emacs'ing, and down to only 3 packages using emacs' package interface... everything else I'm pulling out of Guix. Great!

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@Christopher Allan Webber ah, okay. That makes a lot of sense.

WRT security, that's a very good point. I use different computers often enough that not having my package list under version control is something that's unsustainable, but you're totally right. (MELPA in particular didn't even do TLS for a long time, although that's thankfully not the case these days.) *sigh* I guess I should add "make ELPA have better security" to my endless TODO list :)

I've also never really regretted upgrading a package, even though I'm not even on MELPA Stable. How many packages do you use? (I'm sure it's more than me!) Or perhaps that's the wrong question - a better one might be, how many SLOC do you have in your .emacs that customize packages, and how complex are the customizations (e.g. just setq or something more complicated)?

AJ Jordan at 2016-09-15T06:24:23Z

@Alex Jordan My emacs config is public, but a little it crazy. You can view it here. There's a that shows how I set it up. Not all the files inmodes are currently used. You're on your own. Have fun exploring some emacs lisp wilderness!

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-09-15T20:44:31Z

That's 2520 lines of emacs lisp configuration. Not all of it is very good.

For a much more impressive .emacs, see @Karl Fogel's gigantic but heavily documented .emacs

Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-09-15T20:47:11Z

@Christopher Allan Webber thanks! Will check both of them out when I get the time. So, you know, Real Soon Now™ :P

AJ Jordan at 2016-09-16T22:01:47Z