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Guile 2.2 is out!

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After six years in the making, Guile 2.2 is out! New register machine based VM, optimizations make it faster than ever, and concurrent programming is a dream to hack on in it.

This is a huge release in Guile's history. Guile is now a very fast Scheme (not the fastest, but very fast), thanks to many compiler optimizations. It also comes with a powerful asynchronous programming layer... I'm biased, but I think that Guile is soon to be one of the most pleasant places to write modern concurrent applications. The last six years have also seen growth for Guile, partly because of the rise of Guix (which is written in Guile, and has in many ways become its de-facto package manager). I hope, and believe, that we're going to see it grow a lot more, and Guile 2.2 opens a lot of doors to make that possible.

For those who are interested in reading more, I recommend reading Andy Wingo's personal blogpost on the subject, as well as the release announcement sent to the mailing list, which has many more details.

Onward and upward! Things are already looking good for Guile, and I suspect they're going to get better.

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David Thompson talks about his first compiler addition in Guile, which made it into this released (unboxed floating point numbers!) and encourages interested hackers to check out Wingo's list of ways people can get involved in compiler hacking. Guile's a great place to do it!

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