Christopher Allan Webber

Christopher Allan Webber at looks cool as hell. P2P videochat with a nice interface? Time to package for Guix.

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Id like to know more about it. Tox has several major setbacks because its fully p2p, for instance same account on multiple devices, offline messaging, and group voice/video.  Has ring accomplished any of these things?
Ive found that we need solutions to internet problems like a skype replacement, or more severe solutions like an easy ISP replacement, etc, but then 10 projects create something that solves some subset of said problems in 10 different or similar ways, with a few of those projects having solutions to problems that the others dont, and vice versa.

veleiro at 2015-10-15T20:46:04Z

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@Taylor Gunnoe I don't know the answer to that! All I know is that some friends are using it and like it, and that it's under the GPL.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2015-10-15T20:52:33Z

X11R5 likes this. can't wait to "guix package -i ring"

Kevin Everets at 2015-10-15T21:23:56Z

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