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Someone please start a startup to "automate away the CEO". It's as viable as "automating" away other jobs, and could help the top feel the pressure that the rest of the workforce is.

The general blueprint is out there; most automating away of "deskjobs" involves AI / statistics assisted workers making real decisions and actions for cheap. The profit margins / budget here could be a lot larger because CEO salaries are so large.

"But how do you convince a CEO to replace themselves?" Don't. Target the board and investors, and promise a better ROI. A team of AI-backed people working on a fraction of a CEO salary? They can probably pull it off.

And given how much money you could save, you could have the company send a representative to board meetings, etc.

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Great branding idea! I say branding because you don't need "AI", but you could call a program that, for example, aggregated votes, bets, or similar human input "AI" for branding purposes.

Mike Linksvayer at 2017-01-24T02:07:36Z

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Machine Learning Powered Tape Backups in the AI #vaguejokes

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