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Curious post about Cyanogenmod dev, Cyanogenmod becoming a commercial company, and the company reacting to his application being under the GPL:

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This makes me worry about the future of CyanogenMod. It's what I'm running on my phone now.

David Thompson at 2013-09-23T15:35:36Z

That sort of thing was the first thing in my mind when I read about CyanogenMod becoming a company.

Unfortunately Replicant does not support my device :(

mray INACTIVE at 2013-09-23T16:01:42Z

I just made a(nother) donation to Replicant yesterday after reading this :-)

sazius old account at 2013-09-23T16:17:04Z

This is sad.
OTOH, I'm happy to be a humble F-Droid contributor.
I'll try to become a humble Replicant contributor too :)

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-09-27T10:02:54Z