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my hopes got so high when i saw that title...

maybe the wandboard people will come out with a laptop some day.

Andrew E at 2014-04-07T21:58:46Z

The image is a joke but the project is not. I am planning on building an open hardware laptop out of a BBB in that laptop shell. I'm planning on documenting the process in the event anyone wants to try it + release code;

however, I am not designing it as a product. If others wish to follow in my foot steps, they may have to adjust their design accordingly to what is available.

I would like to see BBB based hacktops be more common though.

Aeva Ntsc at 2014-04-07T22:03:24Z

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sweet! i look forward to the result of your efforts. :-)

Andrew E at 2014-04-08T03:46:44Z