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Man, I really don't need all this election anxiety.

I already voted. Maybe I should just put my head down and wait till Nov 9th.

Stephen Michael Kellat shared this.

Imagine what I'm going through in NE OH. Mrs. Clinton just made another stop in the area. It is getting a bit tedious. We've got just over 60k registered voters in Ashtabula County. 9,968 absentee and early vote ballots have been requested as of the data dump at 10/31/2016 2:02:12 PM . We've received back 7,718 which leads to a 77.47% response rate which is pretty high for this electorate. Only 77 of those ballots show as uncountable/invalid so far for interesting bits like signatures not matching records, no signatures where they're supposed to be, and people unable to follow instructions on casting the ballot by securing it in the ID envelope before returning it. The majority of those 77 people happen to have no partisan affiliation on-file as they've never chosen to vote in a party primary.

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention I used to be a Precinct Elections Officer in Ohio. I'm currently barred from being one again due to the Hatch Act until I am no longer a federal civil servant.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2016-11-01T03:21:31Z

I'll be glad when it's over.  I don't know how you people put up with such long election campaigns.

Jim Bowering at 2016-11-01T16:23:59Z

I don't know if explanations would help with anxeity, but has some interesting socio-historical theory behind our current social instability.

Diane Trout at 2016-11-01T18:01:08Z