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Things I am not a fan of: "fancy" nylon tea bags that will never degrade.

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Are we talking about the empty ones  you can fill with your own dried leaves and (theoretically) re-use, or is there some tea brand whose tea-bags are made from nylon?

Screwtape at 2017-01-02T05:05:40Z

The latter. There are tea-bags for pre-bagged tea which are not just paper tea bags and that's just stupid. ❌ at 2017-01-02T06:51:00Z

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Since apparently not everyone has seen a nylon tea bag (which, for the better if you haven't), here's what they look like.

Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-01-02T17:43:46Z

I've seen images of individually shrink-wrapped BANANAS (still in the peel -- although I'd question the utility of already-peeled bananas too). I can't imagine what would possess anyone to buy such a thing.

Matthew at 2017-01-04T03:21:16Z