David Chung

Amazon.com and Hawaii

David Chung at

Amazon.com service quality has drastically taken a hit, especially when it comes to Prime shipping to Hawaii.

Some items are now ineligible to be shipped to Hawaii.

Prime members in Hawaii enjoy free standard shipping and used to pay a small extra for expedited shipping. However, I haven't seen the option to expedite shipping recently...

Hawaii customers experience significant delay on getting their purchases to leave the warehouse! The order status remains in "shipping soon/today/now" for days before that status is changed to "shipped" with a tracking number.

I recently learned that the shipping speed determines the method of shipping, not when your purchase will actually get to you! You could select expedited shipping but still have your ordered delayed as it sits in the warehouse.

If you're in Hawaii and considering becoming a Prime member for shipping alone, I would discourage it. Shop elsewhere!

I'm considering dropping Prime membership myself and am looking into music and video alternatives.

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