David Nelson dnel@identi.ca

Manchester, United Kingdom


  • jrobb jrobb@io.jrobb.org


    Linux and Free Software enthusiast. I dabble in using programming to solve problems. this is my main account on io.jrobb.org https://jrobb.org

  • Free Software Foundation fsf@microca.st

    Boston, MA

    Fighting for essential freedoms for computer users since 1985. https://www.fsf.org

  • Dylan galoisghost@pumpity.net

    Central Coast, NSW, Australia

    Proud dad. Open source advocate. Gentoo user. Central Coast Mariners fan. http://Bandcamp.com explorer. I have 20 years experience dying stupidly in nethack.

  • jrobb@microca.st jrobb@microca.st


    My main account is at https://io.jrobb.org/jrobb This is a backup account in case something goes wrong there. http://www.jrobb.org/contact/

  • Douglas Perkins dper@microca.st


    Places to find me: https://dperkins.org/ https://twitter.com/dpp0 https://identi.ca/dper

  • Jon Archer jonar@microca.st


  • jackieplage jackieplage@microca.st

    Hull, UK

    That annoying woman with a camera.

  • dick_turpin dick_turpin@microca.st

    Rubbish podcaster of The Dick Turpin Road Show. Linux and FOSS fanboy, gadget fanatic. Known to say some outrageous things.

  • Daniel mvdan@microca.st


  • Sean Tilley DeadSuperHero@pumpity.net

    Peoria, IL

    Open Source Director for the Diaspora project.

  • Scott Sweeny ssweeny@identi.ca

    Pittsburgh, United States

    Software engineer from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Opinions are my own, not those of my wife, employer, child, or pets. In fact there are few areas in which we agree.

  • jpope jpope@io.jpope.org


    Does the Pope shit in the woods?

  • MT sqastar@pumpity.net

    Around the corner, waiting, waiting, waiting.

    This site runs courtesy of pump.io, the high-performance Open Source social engine. Take a spin via one of the try-it servers. http://pump.io/tryit.html

  • macno macno@fmrl.me

    Milan, Italy

    Father, hacker

  • Daniel E. Renfer duck@microca.st

    Garden City, MI

    Duck's just this guy, you know?

  • sazius at fmrl.me sazius@fmrl.me

    Espoo, Finland

    This is my backup account. It's probably a good idea to also follow my main account sazius@pump.saz.im

  • Ryan Weal ryanweal@comn.ca

    Montréal Québec

    Drupal contributor and contract developer for hire at http://kafei.ca. Debian-based sysadmin. Multilingual website enabler. Sarcasm provided for free.

  • rpcutts rpcutts@microca.st

    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Optimistic cynic & amateur contrarian. Interests include sci/tech, politics, philosophy, most sports, sarcasm, beer, satire, and oxford commas.

  • Evan Prodromou evan@e14n.com

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • dper@identi.ca dper@identi.ca

    Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan