Encolpe Degoute encolpe@identi.ca

Lyon, France


  • Thierry-Stœhr Formats-Ouverts.org tsfoo@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Site Web Formats-Ouverts.org (FOo), « Pour les formats ouverts ! », depuis 2004.

  • Fabien LOISON flozz@identi.ca

    Lyon, France

  • Unhosted unhosted@identi.ca

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.

  • Thierry Thomas thth@identi.ca

    FreeBSD committer

  • Clement OUDOT coudot@identi.ca

    Lyon, France

    LemonLDAP::NG main developper, LDAP Tool Box project leader, fond of free software and identity management!

  • Frederic Galusik fredg@identi.ca

    Lyon, France

    Salix OS to spread FOSS to the masses.

  • Dlareg dlareg@identi.ca


    !COAGUL !Bourguinux

  • Florent floff@identi.ca

    Lyon, France

    Élève Ingénieur, passionné d'informatique, tout particulièrement des technologies du Web et du libre.

  • ROYER JY jyr69@identi.ca

    Lyon, France

    Milite pour le logiciel libre

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) w3c@identi.ca

    The World Wide Web Consortium develops interoperable technologies (specs, guidelines, software, tools) to lead the Web to its full potential

  • JC Brand opkode@identi.ca

    South Africa

    FLOSS web developer, specializing in Python, Plone, Pyramid, Javascript and XMPP. Likes sunsets and long walks on the beach.

  • Plone Venezuela ploneve@identi.ca

    Sesteadero, Venezuela

    Grupo de Usuarios y Desarrolladores de Plone en Venezuela

  • gracinet gracinet@identi.ca

  • La Quadrature du Net laquadrature@identi.ca

    Internet & Libertés – Defending citizen rights and freedoms, fighting Internet control and the war on sharing, protecting the free Internet.

  • Carl Chenet carlchenet@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Cloud Architect. Debian developer & Python addict. Wrote some articles about Free Software. Tea addict. Wine lover.

  • Lolix lolix@identi.ca

    Saint-Georges-la-Pouge, France

    Site emploi dédié aux technologies libres

  • Olivier Auber olivierauber@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Théorie du bricolage Bricolage théorique

  • Tonton Th tth@identi.ca

    Toulouse, France

    I'm an old dino.

  • Frédéric Couchet fcouchet@identi.ca

  • Alix Cazenave alxc@identi.ca

    Paris, France