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There seems to be a problem with the password recovery on identi.ca. I'm trying to trace it down; I think it might have to do with firewalls and the remote mail server.

Thanks for being patient, folks.

Luckily, my flight is delayed, so I have some time to look into this.

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Pump.io looks great. Thanks for all the work that went into it. Is it possible to embed my public feed on my website, like it was with status.net? More generally, where's the right place to ask Pump.io questions?

Steven Murdoch at 2013-07-11T20:53:50Z

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Errr. Choqok doesn't work. What can I do to make it functional again ? Or it is incompatible with the new Identi.ca ?

agentsmith at 2013-07-11T21:31:35Z

Clients need updating to support the new API. Choqck hasn't been updated in over a year; don't hold your breath

Owen Shepherd at 2013-07-11T23:29:59Z