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One thing I almost forgot to mention: pump.io is supposed to be part of a network of software. There are a lot of things you probably want to have, and they're not here.

I feel like a few hackers have jumped in with both feet on this recently, and I admit that I've had a lot of fun building sites like ih8.it and openfarmgame.

If you're at all interested in coding for social networks, you should scratch the itch and give it a try.

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Are there any RSS or Atom feeds? I can't seem to find any :-/.

Cyber Killer at 2013-07-12T11:52:45Z

Two levels of comments would be good... I think I weighed in on this issue at some point. Regarding RSS/Atom feeds you could write a service to provide these, I think.

ddevine@identi.ca at 2013-07-13T17:21:08Z

I'm not a developer. Using an API is too hard for me (so it's useless, at least without a dedicated lib for my favorite language)), RSS is way better cause it's simple. I also have many people reading my dents without having an account here. They use RSS readers for this. RSS is needed like hell!

Cyber Killer at 2013-07-14T06:51:09Z

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Please NO mult- level comments, it's confusing and usually leads to an endless tree of comments in comments of comments, because everyone presses the comment button on the last comment and never on the post. It's a big feature of Pump.io to have just one level of comments and sharing comments if you share a note. Please don't change this.

axel668 (inactive) at 2013-07-14T07:47:17Z

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