Frederik Gladhorn


  • Kenny D

    Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • Akademy

    Bilbao, Spain

    this is where gearheads meet

  • Ryan Rix

    Phoenix, United States

    Hacker, geek, Free Software advocate. I listen to music, hack Plasma, and go to college; I like to explore the world around me.

  • Irina Rempt

    Deventer, Netherlands

    geeky fiftyish mother of teenagers, baker, worldbuilder, translator, writer

  • Hans Chen

    Vänsjö, Sweden

    Interested in science, Free Software in general and KDE in particular. Member of the KDE Forums team.

  • Georg C. F. Greve

    Küsnacht, Switzerland

    Kolab Systems CEO, FSFE founder, author, entrepreneur & consensus builder in Free Software, Open Standards.

  • Laura Dragan

    Southampton, UK

  • Manuel Nickschas

    Quassel Developer, KDE Enthusiast

  • Matthias Kretz

    Darmstadt, Germany

    working on making SIMD programming easy; KDE Developer; studied physics and CS; working on a Ph.D. in CS

  • Free Software Foundation Europe

    Brussels, Europe

    non-profit organisation working on freedoms to use, study, share and improve software as critical for equal participation in the information age.

  • reticuleena

    Steinrode, Germany

  • Till Adam

  • Jesper Thomschutz

    Desperate Perl Hacker

  • Sune Vuorela

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Software dude, scout, opensource fan

  • Boudewijn Rempt

    C++, Qt, KDE, Calligra Suite, Krita. Sculpture. CTO of KO GmbH, the Open Document company.

  • Matthias Kirschner

    Berlin, Germany

    FSFE's President. Working for Free Software, so everyone can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software.

  • Ivan Čukić

    Belgrade, Serbia

    KDE developer and Free/Libre software enthusiast, KDE e.V. member

  • Dario Freddi

  • Marcus D. Hanwell

    Clifton Park, United States

    Open source chemistry, work a lot with Qt, KDE and OpenGL. KDE e.V. member, Gentoo developer, CMake, scientific visualization.

  • Jeremy Whiting