Annoying Sloppy Term #5

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Sloppy terminology is a pet peeve of mine. Figured I'd share.

Today's is products listing themselves as "Chemical Free"

Really?? no carbon of nitrogen or hydrogen in there or any of the other elements in some combination or other? Well then it's not "Chemical Free" is it.

Perhaps they meant "Synthetic Chemical Free". But even that is Sloppy. How are they defining synthetic. If I produce NaCL in the lab is that Synthetic just because I didn't want to produce the carbon emissions to dig it up? Perhaps they mean combinations that one doesn't see occurring naturally like CoCl2 (Ok. That's a chemical I really don't want in my products. Really!).

But they Don't say Phosgene free. They say "Chemical Free" which clearly it's not unless they sold me a tube of absolute vacuum (which might have it's uses). So their Sloppy terminology just leaves me confused and annoyed. Not helpful

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Very much my feelings on it. Thanks for adding that

Freemor at 2014-05-28T19:44:46Z

Like the of the word "hacker" (and derivatives) to denote nefarious activities...

Hubert Figuière at 2014-05-28T20:00:37Z

Oh Yes.. that is a particularly sloppy term.

use wget == you're a hacker deep link == You're a hacker Know how shit works == You definitely must be a hacker

Build something really cool like == "this doen't work right.. can you fix/add XYZ"... Grrr

Reminds me of All those 'hackers' running LOIC. <sigh>. if any of then had read the source (if they even knew how or could understand it) they'd have know it did nothing to mask their IP.. but Hey .. they're "Hackers" <sigh>

Freemor at 2014-05-28T20:10:20Z

It's probably illegal false advertising and bordering on fraud for companies to label products this way.  I'm not sure why nobody has filed a lawsuit over this yet.

Benjamin Cook at 2014-05-28T20:48:31Z