Hello #lazyweb.. I need some input..

Freemor at

I'm working on trying to get people to move to more secure forms of communication. To this effect I have been including information on doing such in my .signature

The problem is it is getting to long..

Currently it looks like this:


To protect your privacy and mine please use PGP encryption.

If you use webmail (Yahoo, Gmail,, GMX)

  Then please install the Mailvelope Plug-in from:

If you use Thunderbird

  Then please install the enigmail Plug-In from:
  - or -


  K-9 mail + APG -or- OpenKeychain


  Get ipgMail

Or install PyBitmessage from:
and sent to my public Bitmessage Address which is: BM-2cWDE3ymX91yyYCye423ZMroMmiLXkMVRc

More Info on protecting you privacy online: 


My old school e-mail edicate tells me this is way to long for a .signature

I could make a webpage and use a link but next to no one would click through

Thoughts? Ideas?

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I don't have a link, but my signature says:
Olivier Mehani <>
PGP fingerprint: 4435 CF6A 7C8D DD9B E2DE  F5F9 F012 A6E2 98C6 6655
Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed on emails sent or received unencrypted.
The last line is essentially a counter-boilerplate to those “this message is confidential and only intended to the recipient...”

That said, I have little hope that people actually read signatures of their own accord, but it's probably a good plug for later discussions “the link is in my sig”

Olivier Mehani at 2014-11-12T23:10:45Z

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I just have link to in my sig.

sazius at 2014-11-13T10:41:54Z

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I've been trying to figure out something that I can put in my sig that I'm ok sending to my (older) relatives and to my friends/coleagues.

Efraim Flashner at 2014-11-13T11:10:32Z

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you could just link to the email self defense guide for applications rather than listing each. something like, [lunk here] to learn more about protecting your privacy

David "Judah's Shadow" Blue at 2014-11-13T15:05:25Z