ghostdancer at

good !tzag denting with pumpa , really nice long time since i last tried it

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No enemies here, we're all in it together in the pumpiverse :-)

sazius old account at 2013-08-10T11:10:46Z

i know and added to that both you and JanKusanagi are really good ones with sense of humour

ghostdancer at 2013-08-10T11:13:44Z

For me, the enemies are f******k, t*****r and such.

Pumpa is a great ally \o/

JanKusanagi at 2013-08-10T11:14:20Z

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And i'm "brdcst.iting" fediverse to to not overpopulate :-)

ghostdancer at 2013-08-10T15:18:44Z