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GD32VF103 and its possible use for Gnuk

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GD32VF103, which comes with RISC-V core, is cheap and fast.

I ported Chopstx to GD32VF103, and am considering if it's good to port Gnuk.

Last month, when I found riscv-openocd merged the support of GD32VF103, I tried to use the debugger interface.

And... for my version (which I bought from Seeed), the Longan Nano, I can access its flash ROM content.
If my analysys is correct, it's a kind of matter for CVE, I suppose.

With help of my Chinese friends, I try to contact the vendor.

Happy Chinese Holiday Season!

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And then, I was informed for this having many CVEs:

Well, mine is independent, and more easier to be attacked.

Yutaka Niibe at 2020-10-02T01:46:05Z

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