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Effective Hype or Ehype

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Recently, "security researchers" seem to adopt/develop strategy to cheat media people to get maximum attention (only providing technically "correct" things which impress people, while they don't give enough information for the impact, which is actually not that big).

Given the situation that it's not well coordinated to upstream(s) involved, I'd say it's a kind of "MitM" attack. I'm sad that national CERT didn't worked well this time.

I observed that some industries love even fake news, because people's attention is so important for them to maximize flow. So, it's difficult to stop this fashion, I suppose.

I wish "social engineering" researchers doing some research for this strategy. I would call it Ehype.

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Err... I didn't have time to review the title. It should be: "EFFective Hype (or Ehype)"

Yutaka Niibe at 2018-05-16T04:49:52Z