Harish Pillay harishpillay@identi.ca

human, hacker, engineer, hashman, son, husband, father living 1 deg North, 103 deg East


  • Nicholas Sanders linuxfiend@identi.ca

    Caney, Kansas

    Linux lover, Gentoo user, geek, humanist, atheist

  • Karl Fogel kfogel@identi.ca

    Chicago, United States

    see http://red-bean.com/kfogel

  • Goteo. Crowdfunding the commons goteofunding@identi.ca

    Barcelona, Spain

    Financiación colectiva para el beneficio colectivo (procomún). Open Crowdfunding social network soon in full english!

  • Mackenzie Colwell beefybeliever@identi.ca

    Westford, United States

    I'm a happy girl with a fun job.

  • Open Advice openadvice@identi.ca

  • Ruby tregeagle@identi.ca

    Sawtell, Australia

    Internet Tradey, Drupal is my Ute.

  • Haris bin Ali haris@identi.ca

    Kampung Tongka, Malaysia

    moving back in?

  • Fluid Nexus fluidnexus@identi.ca

  • gabe gabe@identi.ca

    Gūshdūn, Iran

  • O'Reilly Open Source Convention oscon@identi.ca

    Portland, United States

    O'Reilly Open Source Convention, the crossroads of all things open source.

  • Phillip Smith fukawi2@identi.ca

  • orvtech orvtech@identi.ca

    My Fedora People profile: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Orvtech

  • Duck Duck Go duckduckgo@identi.ca

    Valley Forge, United States

    DuckDuckGo search engine.

  • Identi.ca Support support@identi.ca

    Official Support for Identi.ca

  • Crosbie Fitch crosbie@identi.ca

    Hautacam, France

    Cultural Libertarian, Copyright & Patent Abolitionist, Software Engineer - making an ethical incentive: money for art, liberty for people.

  • John F Moore johnfmoore@identi.ca

    Craddock, United States

    Founder and CEO of The Lab. An open government strategist, consultant, and analyst. Part writer, speaker, and educator.

  • Ariel Vernaza dsapandora@identi.ca

    Leganés, Spain

    My Name is Ariel, I am Computer Science Engineer in University of Panama. And a Grade Student in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

  • Harald Welte laf0rge@identi.ca

    Berlin, Germany

    Linux Kernel Developer, Hacker, Freedom Fighter. Nerd. Kinky.

  • Tiberiu C. Turbureanu tct@identi.ca

    Bucharest, Romania

    Free software activist and developer, community leader of Ceata. My new pump.io handle: tct@social.ceata.org. I won't be needing identi.ca anymore.

  • Tom Marble tmarble@identi.ca

    Minneapolis, United States

    Consultant specializing in: Clojure, Debian GNU/Linux, cybersecurity, performance analysis, and FLOSS hw/sw/legal policy.