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Someone really needs to take care of webdesign for I'm affraid to show that frontpage to other people. It's sad, because there are some great articles in the philosophy section amongst other things (and obviously, everybody should know about GNU and Free Software).

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I've become convinced that gnu hate their users. Every time I see anything they produce it's like getting punched in the face. It's as if they take pride in things being as ugly as possible. A moral stand against the cool kids with their pleasing typography, responsive layouts, and use of whitespace to, you know, make things pleasant to use and readable.

rpcutts at 2013-08-13T13:05:55Z

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@JanKusanagi I agree with your first comment, but we must also think about the conclusions drawn by the rest of the world. Rightly or wrongly, if a lot of people think the aesthetics of the site has not received a lot of thought and work, they will conclude that there was no one competent to do so, and therefore there really are not many people behind this site and the concept of free software. To speak of free software to a politician, I showed him the site of APRIL (the largest French association for the defense and promotion of open source software), not the FSF. Because unfortunately for most the only thing they are interested in is how many votes it can bring.

idoric at 2013-08-13T13:08:04Z

I know about RMS's demands when it comes to going to places to give speeches.

What I meant is, how does relate to the website?

JanKusanagi at 2013-08-13T13:54:54Z