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Please, help to Chelsea Manning!

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The U.S. military just sentenced Chelsea Manning to 7 days solitary confinement for her suicide attempt!

"[...] It’s indefensible that the U.S. government would sentence Chelsea to seven days in such cruel and inhumane conditions as punishment for the feelings of desperation that led her to attempt suicide in July.

It makes it clear that we need to stand up for Chelsea now more than ever. Once she receives written notice of the decision, she has 15 days to file her appeal.

But only public scrutiny and outrage will ensure that the Army knows we are watching and demanding justice for Chelsea.

Thanks to pressure from Demand Progress members over the last year and a half, Chelsea was promised she would finally gain access to some of the critical medical care she needs.

But the military’s unjust sentence would compromise Chelsea’s life.

With 73% percent of all prison suicides happening in isolation cells, it’s no wonder mental health experts are reacting to the verdict with “shock” and “outrage”.

It’s unconscionable for the government to knowingly put Chelsea’s health at risk AGAIN by threatening her with solitary confinement for an act that merits support and care, not punishment.

Whether or not you agree with Chelsea’s actions as a whistleblower, the Army must not punish people for struggling with unmet mental health needs. [...]"


More info: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/24/us/chelsea-manning-fort-leavenworth-attempted-suicide.html

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