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Dianara 1.1 Beta 1

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Hot on the heels of the release of Pumpa 0.8.1, I'm releasing a test version of what will be Dianara v1.1.

Main changes include a lot more information in the Meanwhile column, highlighting items related to you, marking new items in a different color, a filtering system, and a [+] button which will open the referenced post, allowing for normal interaction with it.

(There is a problem however, see pump.io issue #873)

Also, the "Lists manager" (inside the Contacts tab) can now manage who is in which list, so list support is now mostly complete and useful.

See the CHANGELOG file for a detailed list.

You can get it from either http://dianara.nongnu.org/ or Qt-Apps.org.

Some data is stored in a different way now, so a few things will reset on first use.


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Thanks and congrats! \o/

The CHANGELOG detailed list is very interesting! Many new features!

Everything is working properly over here :)

n2t at 2013-12-22T08:37:04Z