Jeffry Byron

Oakland, United States

I am the owner of a company called PLUMBING SPECIALISTS. Located in Oakland, CA we provide residential and commercial plumbing services.


  • No one


    I'm trying to delete me account

  • The Linux Foundation

    San Francisco, United States

    The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux.

  • Moshe Njema

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Kenyan High Commissioner to the Internet

  • freemonkeys

    mes centres d'intérêts: gnu/linux, debian, libertés numériques et autres joyeusetés geeks!... ;-)

  • 4slam


    GNU social: -- | Twitter: @akwala -- | | |

  • Matthias Hühr

    Greifswald, Germany

    140 mögliche Zeichen sind doch etwas wenig um mein Leben damit beschreiben zu können.

  • Basil Mohamed Gohar

    I'm a Muslim, a father, a husband, & a free-software advocate. I love education & educating people about Islam. I am also a PHP developer.

  • Georg Portenkirchner

    Munich, Germany

    Living and working in Munich, Germany, doing things with the web.

  • Kipngetich Ibrahim Ngeno

    Nairobi, Kenya

    Facebook over Myspace, Twitter over Facebook, Identica over Twitter. Any day, Everyday! Head codemonkey at

  • dodo

    buddycloud webclient hacker and cocreator of codetube generally interested in any real-time stuff

  • phoebe ayers

    I'm a reference librarian (day job) and Wikimedia volunteer (night job). My book "How Wikipedia Works" came out in Sept. 2008.

  • Capital of Nasty

    The poster-child of ezine puerility.

  • chromatic

    Roberts, United States

    I never capitalize my nom de plume.

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation

    San Francisco, United States

    Defending your civil liberties in a digital world! Follow us to stay at the forefront of tech policy issues.

  • xamanu

    Managua, Nicaragua

    Independend web developer, consultant and digital communication strategist.

  • Reinout van Schouwen

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Research (Java) developer @ Interest in Free Software (Gnome) and green politics

  • Tim W (Goblin)

    Flitwick, United Kingdom

    Championing FOSS, exposing FUD and the underhanded tactics of some proprietary firms. "Piratae vita mea."

  • Michael Knepher

    Orange, United States

    Just some guy. Linux, Formula 1, English/international football, cycling

  • Lolix

    Saint-Georges-la-Pouge, France

    Site emploi dédié aux technologies libres

  • Frank Olken

    Berkeley, United States

    Former database researcher (and semantic web) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Formerly NSF program director 2006-2010.