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  • It Is A Sad World

    2024-04-09T01:49:13Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    In another case of history rhyming with deja vu all over again, Ecuador breached and raided the Mexican embassy in Quito to arrest a fugitive (amd former VP) who was holding up there after Mexico granted him political asylum.


    URL: https://federate.social/@mattblaze/112226864370429474

  • 2024-04-02T05:00:24Z via AndStatus To: Public, Followers

    Applications and services for identifying mushrooms have appeared
    recently. The user gives a photo as input and it will tell the
    mushroom's name, along with information on whether it is edible or
    not. Such programs claim to be driven by "artificial intelligemce."
    Experts warn that these tools may make mistakes which can potentially
    sicken or even kill a user. The error can happen at two levels.
    First, given an input image, the program might wrongly identify the
    species. Second, an error in the database may tell users that a
    certain kind of mushroom is edible, when in fact it is not. The
    latter issue is complicated for several factors influence toxidity:
    region, season and method of cooking. Some mushrooms are known to
    cause problems when consumed with alcohol.
    We can tell people about the hazards of non-free software using these
    "artificial intelligence" systems as examples. One may want to modify
    the program to correctly warn the user that the mushroom in the photo
    looks toxic, or examine the code to determine why it makes mistakes,
    but non-free software does not allow that.
    Another issue I would like to raise is that many people erroneously
    believe that "artificial intelligence" is an improved form of software.
    Conventional programs are accurate when properly written, but "AI"
    systems work on a different principle which cannot guarantee accuracy.
    Many people fail to understand this. They think: "Computers are accurate.
    AI makes computers better so one with AI must also be accurate."
    We are discussing single-purpose systems here, but sooner or later we
    will have general-purpose image identification systems which claim to
    be capable of properly identifying most things around us, including wild
    mushrooms, herbs, snakes, jellyfish and all else.
    Relying on AI to Identify Mushrooms Could Kill You
    Mushrooming Risk: Unreliable A.I. Tools Generate Mushroom
    Misinformation - Public Citizen
    (long article)
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  • 2024-03-26T02:48:35Z via AndStatus To: Public, Followers

    A beautiful spring day in Michigan.

    2024-02-22T01:29:42Z via Impeller To: Public, Félix Puga Henríquez CC: Followers

    My buddy nate has jokes for days!

  • Poising AI its like putting hot sauce in your lunch

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    https://techcrunch.com/2024/01/26/nightshade-the-tool-that-poisons-data-gives-artists-a-fighting-chance-against-ai/ I wish these people would just embace AI and find a different way to make their living. IP enforcement makes the whole world blind.
  • POST across Federated Platforms

    2024-01-11T23:07:00Z via Impeller To: Public, jxself CC: Followers

    @jxself@datamost.com I recall sometime ago you mentioning that you had written a program called p that allowed you to post to both pump.io & ActivityPub simultaneously. WHERE CAN I FIND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT IT?

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  • Merry Xmas From St. Jude Boswell ok

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    Practicing for today's Epiphany play

  • We all cold

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  • Niger will soon become an oil exporter after the commissioning of the longest oil pipeline...

    2023-12-13T02:28:21Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers


    just in time for their "leadership" to agree to phase out fossil fuels to appease white liberals.

  • 2023-12-12T10:13:53Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC: Followers

    So apparently this is what Americans do now, they just impeach the other parties presidents, because reasons. US House to vote Thursday on formalizing Biden impeachment inquiry -lawmaker (msn.com)
  • 2023-12-09T08:03:10Z via AndStatus To: Public, Followers

    I would rather see actual restitution, but this seems like a good start https://abc13.com/chipotle-woman-throws-bowl-at-work-rosemary-hayne-ohio-sentenced-to-in-fast-food/14149133/
  • Villa and Maldini, luxury guests in Jeddah for pre-tour of FIFA Club World Cup

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  • The real danger of AI

    2023-11-24T06:54:33Z via Impeller To: Public CC: Followers

    @Shadowman311@poa.st 🔗 https://poa.st/objects/d851dd9f-915e-4a47-9898-7ebd9049abcd
    The danger of AI isn't skynet, it's insurance companies using AI tools to raise your premiums in real time using CCTV and sensors in your phone, it's police using AI algorithms to engage in "predictave policing" and sentiment analysis of political dissidents, it's governments using AI Generated articles to drown out Google searches for some scandal that just happened, it's some AI tool allowing corporations to make more complex inferences about you using the data they already have on you and then using that to charge you for something.

    It's exploitation with a thin veil of objectivity and "mathematical facts", that's the danger, an insurance provider you can't argue with, a cop you can't reason with or even see, it's a notification on your phone telling you that you owe an extra grand on your taxes or insurance premiums because you got in a car accident or something else.


  • 2023-10-16T21:29:42Z via Identi.ca Web To: Public CC: Followers

    ♻ @edgelord_of_tomarrow@lemmy.world You said it facetiously but in reality COVID really did kill almost 50% more conservatives than liberals. Conservative governments around the world made the connection that a virus that mostly killed old people was going to be bad news for their polling if left uncontrolled. Only in the US did conservatives seem to do not only the exact opposite, but added anti-mask, anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination on top - as if they were trying to get their voters killed. Biden beat Trump by 10,000 votes in Georgia. Thanks antivaxxers! The Overton Paradox | Brilliant - Lemmy.World
  • Note - A Racist Harvard Scientist Commissioned Photos of Enslaved People. One Possible…

    2023-10-09T10:07:00Z via AndStatus To: Public, Followers

    A Racist Harvard Scientist Commissioned Photos of Enslaved People. One Possible Descendant Wants to Reclaim Their Story.
    by Jennifer Berry Hawes
    ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up for Dispatches, a newsletter that spotlights wrongdoing around the country, to receive our stories in your inbox every week.
    The woman turned her car onto the campus of Harvard University, a place she had never been, and parked near a museum renowned for its invaluable cultural artifacts. But on that day in 2010, Tamara Lanier did not come to see ancient Mayan murals or African masks. She arrived to view historic photographs of enslaved people she had recently come to believe were her own ancestors.
    Though excited, she steeled herself. She had seen the images online. She had felt gripped by the steely gaze of a man named Renty. And she had grieved for his daughter, a young woman named Delia, seated with the top of her dress unbuttoned, pulled down and bunched in her lap. Tears blurred her eyes.
    Photography was a fairly new technology back in 1850 when a group of white men 1,000 miles away from Cambridge, Massachusetts, conspired with a famous Harvard professor to use it. Louis Agassiz, a pioneer of natural science, had traveled to South Carolina hoping to prove that different races did not share a common origin, a theory called polygenesis.
    To aid his effort, the men had selected seven Black people, most from nearby plantations, and hauled them to a posh photo studio in downtown Columbia. Someone forced the seven to partly or fully undress before a camera. A photographer then captured them from the front, side and back like the specimens Agassiz considered them to be.
    Now, 173 years later, Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology holds within its vast collection the resulting 15 images, a kind of early photograph called daguerreotypes. They are among the oldest known photographs of enslaved people in America.
    When Lanier entered the Peabody that day, after driving for two hours from her home in Connecticut, she clutched a document she’d prepared for Harvard in hopes its experts might review it with her. It detailed the genealogy research she thought could demonstrate her ancestral ties to Renty and Delia. A white woman who would oversee her visit greeted her, in what Lanier recalled as a professional but distant tone. Lanier signed a standard legal form that stated if she was allowed to examine anything in the museum’s archives, she would need permission to publish any part of it.
    Then she relinquished her purse and cellphone and anything in her pockets. She had come expecting to feel welcome as a potential descendant. A longtime probation officer, she instead felt like she was entering a prison.
    The experience left her shaken. Over the next nine years leading up to her 2019 lawsuit against Harvard to gain control of the photographs, Lanier grew increasingly offended by its dominion over them. As she attempted to get Harvard to engage with her, she grappled with nausea and insomnia. She found it outrageous that the institution whose celebrated employee prompted the taking of the pictures controls the stories of the people he subjected to such degradation.
    Tamara Lanier at her home in Connecticut (Arielle Gray for ProPublica)
    “Harvard has ruled over them with an iron fist,” Lanier said. “But this ugly history will always be in the way of anything they try to do with these images.”
    Yet she has little recourse.
    Last year, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court agreed with a lower court that had dismissed Lanier’s claim to ownership of the photos. The justices ruled in part that no legal avenue allows descendants to obtain possession of artifacts that resulted from their ancestors’ enslavement. (The court did allow her to pursue an emotional distress action in which she accuses Harvard of “publicly and cavalierly dismissing her claim of an ancestral connection to Renty and Delia.” Harvard denies this claim — and that she has proven she is a lineal descendant. That case is pending.)
    As Justice Elspeth Cypher noted during oral arguments, “There are systems in place for repatriating remains for Native Americans and their objects. We unfortunately don’t have something in place through Congress to do that for African Americans and descendants.”
    Cypher was referring to the 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, or NAGPRA. ProPublica has been investigating the failure of federally funded museums, including the Peabody, to repatriate their holdings of Native American remains and artifacts under the law.
    Among other things, NAGPRA allows lineal descendants of Native people who owned certain objects to pursue their return. But enslaved ancestors couldn’t own property — they were the property.
    And because they were treated as property, exhuming enough records to clearly connect generations of enslaved ancestors also borders on the impossible, as Lanier has discovered
  • Support Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan

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    Please help my daughter Zebedee reach her goals. Personally I prefer the Girl Scout nuts to the more popular cookies hands down. BUY, BOOST & SHARE, Please! https://www.gsnutsandmags.com/landing/14/530c753b-7d00-4ba7-be8f-0a114189fb05/en-US/False
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    So today my Pleroma instance is no longer accessible. Any idea how to find out who the admin is/was or how to contact them? https://social.mojo.fyi
  • Working from home

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    It Be like that sometimes

  • A humble plea by Randal Terry

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    pretty meh "if you are going to be against abortion actually do something about it" gets vrousume comparing the murder of the unborn child withvarious martyrs of the past. https://www.librarything.com/work/23481822/reviews/194503180_616860155

  • Countdown to lockdown : a hardcore journal by Mick Foley

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    https://www.librarything.com/work/10004617/book/215176000 not particularly bad, and not particularly good. Have a nice dayis by far Micks best work so read that over this. I felt there was more wwe content mad less tna content than I expected, particularly giv N the promotion of the boss on Impact. they said he was going to finally tell you how he really feels about Vince and wwe. apparently he really thinks they are pretty good and would never be able to live the life he has withoutthem.

    not much at all about the actual countdown to lock down.