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@lnxwalt, @Jason, permissive vs copyleft is a debate that we are not going to settle in an identi.ca thread. Both sides have merits and both sorts of licenses have successful projects using them. At the end of the day it comes down to personal judgement and ours is that permissive will give Jitsi more adoption. That's how we'd like to invest our time.

You are free to disagree and invest your time elsewhere. You are also free to take yesterday's version of Jitsi and continue developing it under LGPL. As a matter of fact you can take tomorrow's version of Jitsi and include it in a GPL3 project the opposite being impossible.

Time will tell, which choices were right. 

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@jitsi@identi.ca Speaking as a believer in the need for copyleft licensing. This move away from copyleft following so closely after Jitsi being acquired (which I bemoaned at the time as probably being a bad thing) does nothing to improve my view of the situation. In fact it only reinforces it. Only copyleft software has "Perfect Forward Freedom" or PFF (to coin a new term and make a nice play on PFS).

Freemor at 2015-06-19T17:40:57Z

@Freemor wouldn't you agree that freedom starts with the desires of the people who actually do the work?

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