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Any suggestions for more along these lines?

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You might like The Moth

cmhobbs at 2014-12-09T20:09:24Z

Also if you like Off the Hook, you might like Off the Wall.

I like the Duffercast, when they manage to record an episode. Radio Free Culture by WMFU is great for music and culture insights.

Lastly, The Hour of Slack if you're not a pink!

cmhobbs at 2014-12-09T20:23:30Z

podcastle is the fantasy cousin to escapepod. starship excelsior if you like scifi audio dramas, Prometheus radio theatre as well, and a bit of random everything (well after it went daily) is voice of free planet x, it even comes with the podcasts aliens you will meet, fables of the flying city, and Jared and steeve like comics included in the feed.

David "Judah's Shadow" Blue at 2014-12-10T04:18:29Z

If the CBC podcasts aren't regionally restricted, a few that I find worth listening to are:

  • Vinyl Cafe: light stories
  • Ideas: hour-long looks into things like Science of Shakespeare, the Sharing Economy, a visit to Shackleton's grave, etc
  • Spark: technology & culture

I listen to those, along with FAIF and Serial. Will checkout out some of the others in your list shortly.

Kevin Everets at 2014-12-12T15:33:06Z