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Noticed I just wrote this line of haskell code:

<*> ((:[]) <$>

Thing is, it makes perfect sense in context, and is even rather elegant.;a=blob;f=Utility/Quvi.hs;h=4039167ac6191bcf57bf...

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Looks like an emoticon!

the original tmnt at 2013-11-25T04:27:05Z

My haskell is going to be flipping tables if I don't watch out.

Prelude> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

<interactive>:19:1: parse error on input `┻━┻'

joeyh at 2013-11-25T04:27:15Z

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Soon they will be saying: "Perl looks like... Haskell!"

Adam Sjøgren at 2013-11-25T23:31:23Z