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Good news, there will be another chance to pre-order a Jolla smartphone. To be the first to know sign up at:

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I think Jolla phones are a bit expensive, yet beautiful.

But we don't have yet the full description of the product (what type of softwares in it, what is native or not ?)...

22decembre at 2013-09-03T20:14:26Z

They are really beautiful, but not everybody can buy one. I think is worth it, anyway.

SouL at 2013-09-03T22:50:34Z

Thanks for your comments! We're glad you like the beauty of the design :) Please stay tuned and we will share info when we can. Also sign up at to get notified of next pre-order opportunity (if you haven't already done so)!

Jolla at 2013-09-04T00:52:53Z

Will you be able to sell to unsupported countries in the future like the US perhaps through the internet either directly or through a retailer like amazon?

salyavin at 2013-09-05T08:06:37Z