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Press release: First batch of #Jolla smartphones fully booked. We’re aiming to offer a second chance in autumn!

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Will the second chance be opened up to diffrent markets like USA  as you guys know many of us are still using 3 yr old hardware aka the nokia n9 and are chomping at the bit to upgrade our phones  but ill continue to use the n9 till I can get a jolla as no other phone can suit my workflow like meego and soon to be sailfish can

James h jackson jr at 2013-08-21T16:35:10Z

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I stood in expectation of more element about others halves.
What about a keyboard?

LETT Paul-Emmanuel at 2013-08-26T19:53:37Z

Forget the keyboard other-half, what about a gaming controller other-half? ;D

Carlos Solís at 2013-08-27T19:31:10Z