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When someone is selling their ThinkPad, neither Lenovo nor Microsoft are part of that transaction so I fail to see any problem. Seems a poor argument to advance the sales of computers that are less free.
I should expand on my economic argument (that one effectively makes Windows more valuable by buying used Windows laptops) a bit more at some point, though I'm not sure that would convince you.  There are other reasons to avoid ThinkPads, such as unclear branding to people who watch what tech you're using ("he knows about computers and he's using a ThinkPad so those must be great!  I'll get a ThinkPad at my local Best Buy because that's probably the best laptop to get!").  My current non-mainstream-branded laptop has gotten a number of questions from people about what I run and is a great chance to educate.

In any case, I really should make another blog post to expand more on my thoughts in http://ossguy.com/?p=1446#free_software_laptop .  I'm really worried about the ThinkPad trend among free software people as I think it has a lot of adverse side-effects (the above being some of the key ones, but there are others, too).

Denver Gingerich at 2015-07-24T18:11:20Z

I share your concerns of free software people and lenovo products. The general acceptance of Apple hardware concerns me way more though.

mray INACTIVE at 2015-07-24T19:28:14Z