Jason Self

Happy DEC-10 Day

Jason Self at

A particularly well-known PDP-10 computer known formerly as AI@MIT (for those that know their GNU history) is in a museum here in Seattle but hasn't been but running because of a hard disk head crash. The museum has been working to make a hard disk emulator that they could connect the machine to in order to get it running. It seems that they've made some progress on this and they're releasing that emulator as free software under the AGPLv3+: http://its.victor.se/pipermail/its-hackers_its.victor.se/2017/000160.html today, December 10 aka DEC-10 day. (Get it? Haha...)

I wonder how much longer it'll be until the machine is up and running the Incompatible Timesharing System once again.

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