Luca Bruno

Imperia, Italy

Debian Developer and enthusiast FLOSS supporter, loves to have fun with btrfs, IPv6 and networking. Commonly known everywhere as kaeso.


  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • Alessio Sergi


    All heap blocks were freed -- no leaks are possible

  • Software Libero IMperia e Provincia

    Imperia, Italy

    Free Software User Group from Imperia, Italy

  • Daniele Tricoli

    Solar System

    Generic humanoid carbon unit with passion for problem solving.

  • ugone

  • Francesco P Lovergine

    Gūshdūn, Iran

    Debian Developer, FSFE fellow, LinuxFoundation member and FOSS activist

  • Debian Project

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: →

  • tetsuyo

    GCS/M/S d-(--) s+:+ a C++$ UL++ P L+++$ E--- W++ N+ w--- M-- PS+ PE- PGP++ t++@ X+ R- tv-- b++ DI+ D++ G++ e++++ h(+) r y+*

  • Francesca Ciceri


    Debian user, developer and translator, craftster, anarchist, social scientist, zombie-movies nerd, fan fiction addicted. Also: guitar, guitar, guitar, some trumpet, and tons of music in general.

  • Harald Welte

    Berlin, Germany

    Linux Kernel Developer, Hacker, Freedom Fighter. Nerd. Kinky.

  • Uwe Hermann

    Debian, coreboot, flashrom, sigrok, and libopencm3 developer. Free Software and Open Hardware enthusiast and contributor.

  • Luca Vinci

    Sardinia, Italy

    "Esperto di nulla, ma curioso di tutto."

  • David Paleino

    Mazara del Vallo, Italy

  • joeyh

    deepest appalachia

  • Roberto Guido

    Turin, Italy

    Developer with a passion.

  • Nicola Busanello


    ju-jitsu, tai chi chuan, Debian, music.. ..l'arte sta meglio libera :)

  • Stefano Zacchiroli

    Paris, France

    Geek, Debian Project Leader 2010-2013, Free Software zealot, Computer Science professor. Italian from Bologna, emigrated to Paris, France

  • Stefano Costa


    Archaeologist: pottery, quantitative methods, GIS, free libre open source, open data.

  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

    The World Wide Web Consortium develops interoperable technologies (specs, guidelines, software, tools) to lead the Web to its full potential