Tom Tishken

Grand Island, United States

Look for me, KD4WOV, on,, twitter, friendfeed, foursquare, Freenode irc, facebook, google hangouts, and echolink (Node: KD4WOV-L). You can hear me over ham radio and if you hear me, give me a call. My background is electronic engineering, 2 way radio, computers, and technology.


  • Kevin Everets


    Interests in Free Software, sustainability, music, motorcycling, bicycling, and making the world better bit by bit

  • Freemor


    Feminist Techie on the East Coast of Canada. This is my back-up account for when my account is unavailable

  • McClane



  • abidin toumi

  • Akari-chan


    Pues naci hace un puñado de años, y aqui ando... Usuaria de Jabber/XMPP, GNU/Linux+Plasma, y la red Pump.

  • Black Warrior

    Hello everyone! I'm a expert ciber-security. Ethical Hacker. Anarquist, #TorBrowser Follows you! Contact me: xmpp: fpr: DEF9D8A7 47522840 9EBB395A AA2FF890 C050A1A0 OpenPGP: 4096R/6C11241126E0C75BB7196264A0DECEB634D940F3 Fpr: 6C11 2411 26E0 C75B B719 6264 A0DE CEB6 34D9 40F3 ricochet:f5ag26wpielmemoe My diaspora account: My Fb Profile: https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/Neah.Campbell01 I might be a cryptographer, but I'm not your cryptographer.

  • Roelof Pieter

    Deventer, Netherlands (and no, that is not "Holland")


  • Ian Kelling


    Sysadmin at FSF.

  • Adam Worthy

  • pidgeon_pea

    pidgeon_pea enjoys natural gardening/farming, building, free software, free knowledge, GNU emacs. Trying to live a simpler life and decrease dependence on transnational corporations; wip.

  • Scorpio

    Republic of South Africa

    I'm a guy interested in Debian, FOSS, actually a alot of things... About Avatar below: Page URL: File URL: Attribution: By Frank Lewecke, (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  • andreas


    Web developer, game developer, music composer.

  • Pookito

    Cordaville, United States

    I love Jesus. Living in Ma, US. SDA. Trying to be a vegan everyday. Love Open Source software, Linux too. :D

  • Antti Talsta

    Linux user

  • Valessio Brito

    Jacobina, Brazil

    Jacobinense, hacker, digital artist and activist for free knowledge. Graduated in Social Communication and Postgraduate in Free Software Development.

  • philslade

    West Sussex, UK

    oldbloke working gardener, obsessed with Climate Change. likes Transition Towns and similar societal responses.

  • Ben Atkin

    web developer

  • bobcallme


    I'm Bob Call. I work on various libre software and free culture works with a focus in the area of embedded software development and breaking things.

  • Libravatar

    Freeing the web, one face at a time!

  • Evan Prodromou

    Montreal, Canada

    Montreal hacker and entrepreneur. Founder of, lead developer of, CEO of E14N Inc.