Karl Fogel

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What if @LetsEncrypt TLS certs displayed (to those who click on the green lock icon for details) whether or not the cert holder donated to @LetsEncrypt?

Seriously, wouldn't you be more likely to go with the company that does? Me too.

Keep 'em zero-cost -- just give the info.

Or better yet:

Add a "pay what you want" option for @LetsEncrypt certs, where the amount can be (and usually would be) zero, but *display the amount in the cert details*.

So if a giant company is paying zero, well, that's fine, but they have to say so on every web page :-).

Karl Fogel at 2019-09-06T20:44:01Z

Yes! That's a brilliant use of peer group pressure!

Ben Sturmfels at 2019-09-06T22:08:03Z

I like that idea — I really do. What I'm not sure about is how to handle it over time. There are new certs issued every three months automatically, so would the cert include only the most recent payment, or reset to zero after ninety days, or include the entire donation history?

I also fear this would make getting a certificate issued much more complicated.

Maybe if you pay more you get a certificate that's good for longer periods of time? Dunno. Just mulling it in my head.

Splicer at 2019-09-08T13:47:59Z