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Now that the word "inequity" is being used all the time to mean something that's sort of a superset of "inequality" (not criticizing this, btw -- it's complex), the word "iniquity" will first disappear for a while and then start to be used as a synonym of "inequity".

(Well, "synonym" is the wrong word there -- I really just mean an alternate spelling of "inequity".)

Karl Fogel at 2021-07-17T21:48:22Z

uhh, why?  are people mispronouncing them so that they sound the same?  I guess they share a recent-ish etymological ancestor anyway, so it probably wouldn't be too much of a loss: I did not even know iniquity was an English word, FWIW :-)  thanks for sharing

Alexandre Oliva at 2021-07-18T22:27:16Z