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.@WellsFargo rep: "Sorry your card didn't work. I need to verify your identity. Can you give me a number to text you a code at?"

Me: "Uh... but... that's not how... you need to have my phone number already, otherwise..."

Rep: <complete non-sequitur in response>

Me: #HeadDesk

(1st non-sequitur: "Well, a phone number could be a land line, which can't receive texts. So we need you to give us a number." Next: "Well, would you like me to use some other way to verify you?" I said "No, *I* know who I am! I just don't understand why *you* accept this!")

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Damn, that's secure xDDD

Your data (and money?) seem to be in good hands 😅

JanKusanagi at 2019-11-14T21:02:39Z