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It is one of the mini-tragedies of the English language that there is no prefix adverbial option for "early".

"The test allows us to earlily detect..." Bzzzt! Sorry, you must put "early" *after* the verb, where it fails to convince as an adverb and interferes with other things.

I simply don't know why I wasn't consulted when these things were being decided.

Karl Fogel at 2021-07-26T01:40:17Z

(And anyone who tells me to "just write around it" will be zapped from orbit, so please don't even _think_ about it.)

Karl Fogel at 2021-07-26T01:43:33Z

the important question IMHO is how come early is not always an adverb, despite the '-ly' suffix, and how come it's not related with ears (or is it? :-)

Alexandre Oliva at 2021-07-27T18:01:50Z