koeart koeart@identi.ca

student and podcaster


  • McScx mcscx@identi.ca


    now at https://quitter.se/mcscx

  • Dr. Azrael Tod drazraeltod@identi.ca


    ja.. ein Idiot, Troll und Nerd halt...

  • Tammo panique@identi.ca

    Morston, United Kingdom

    weiter gehts woanders. nämlich hier: http://sn.gegenmenschen.de/

  • Funatiker funatiker@identi.ca

    Pirmasens, Germany

    Geburt: [x] done; Leben: [ ] in Arbeit; Tod: [ ] when it's done;

  • headphonica netlabel headphonica@identi.ca

    Weimar, Germany

    headphonica is a netlabel without genre-restrictions releasing music and other under creative commons licenses for free download. enjoy!

  • FRee-K Sounds freeksounds@identi.ca

    Open Music Netlabel

  • eri! eri451@identi.ca

  • 46halbe 46halbe@identi.ca

  • mamue mamue@identi.ca


  • dodo dodothelast@identi.ca

    buddycloud webclient hacker and cocreator of codetube generally interested in any real-time stuff

  • Jens Kubieziel qbi@identi.ca

    Jena, Germany

  • inkorrupt inkorrupt@identi.ca

    Pointe Sable, Haiti

    deaf not blind

  • Ben shnifti@identi.ca

    Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. The Monkey is the Captain! xmpp:shnifti@spaceboyz.net

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  • peponi peponi@identi.ca

    Zurich, Switzerland