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New blogpost: "Six months selfhosting, my userops experiences"

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New blogpost: “Six months !selfhosting, my #userops experiences”

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What about the machine locations ? Do you have problems if machines are at home behind ADSL for incoming trafiic, like people downloading images from mediagoblin too slow ?

Olivier Berger at 2015-04-26T02:27:22Z

@Olivier Berger At home I have fiber 60/6MiB, I think it's enough for me and my family. One of my reasons to setup a home server was indeed that I had a good connection, and I was wasting it.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2015-04-27T07:47:40Z

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Gracias por compartir con tanto lujo de detalles!

Fabian Rodriguez at 2015-05-08T02:43:44Z