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New blog post: "How I see now" (TL;DR: Usable, strong potential, needs users and love. The long version is too long, but, well, you already know me...)

Comments welcome!

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I translated the article to Spanish.

"Cómo veo ahora" (resumiendo: usable, gran potencial, necesita usuarios y amor. La versión larga es muy larga, pero bueno, ya me conocéis...).

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-11-03T22:31:53Z

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I have similar feelings as the other commenters - it needs features "now". Some missing functionality compared to the old version is a normal thing for a short while, but this is taking way too long.

I'm willing to throw some money at pumpio to have it on par with all features that statusnet had. Especially #tags and !groups and @mentions (including simple formatting for #!@, not the html that we have now). How about a kickstarter or something?

Cyber Killer at 2013-11-04T05:33:28Z

Very interesting reading, thanks!

I'm wondering, how would compare to Diaspora those days?  Do anybody knows if there are plans to make them interconnected?

ntw0n at 2013-11-20T12:13:11Z

@ntw0n, I'm not a Diaspora user, so I cannot tell. I found this blog post which makes some comparisons. About interconnections, for what I know, there is no ongoing work on <-> Diaspora connection in the side (yet). No idea about the Diaspora side, but probably you need to ask there :)

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-11-20T12:26:08Z