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One more step towards i18n/l10n in webUI

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Well, I followed the Mozilla's guide on internationalizing node.js apps (Thanks Mozillians!) in my local test installation and I could extract strings, transform them in json, but failed in putting the js code that handles everything in the correct place.

I just updated the issue #502 with the details.

I think we're almost there, we just need a little help of somebody knowing a bit of node.js to put the already-written-code in the correct file and place.

Once we get i18n working, I can pull request all the modifications in the code required to transform the strings in "gettext strings", and translators will work with traditional .po files so it will be easy to localize the web UI.

Anybody is able to help? Thanks!

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I won't be able to help you with the code, but if you need an italian translator i'm here! ;-)

at 2013-10-25T21:41:21Z

Got it!
Now, let's hope I'm able to provide a nice patch and it arrives master!

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-10-25T22:18:27Z

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