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Reunión sobre en 10 minutos - meeting in 10 minutes

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Reunión en 10 minutos. Se puede asistir por IRC (freenode, canal o por el puente jabber (sala ) meeting in 10 minutes. You can join via IRC ( in freenode) or via XMPP/jabber (MUC )


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Can we have a list of next steps from this IRC meeting? And how individuals can volunteer to help with individual items?

William L. Anderson at 2015-10-08T16:50:20Z

Please publish main outcomes of the meeting.

William L. Anderson at 2015-10-08T17:01:01Z

Dear all

You can read the log of the meeting we had some hours ago here: 

Since time ran out quickly and lots of agenda topics were uncovered, we decided to meet again next week, same day, same time. Details here: 

Thanks everybody, and happy hacking!

Laura Arjona Reina at 2015-10-08T19:13:43Z