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Well I am still preparing a blog post about how I see the network now (TL;DR usable, strong potential, needs users and love ), but first I needed to set the context. So here you are my very personal views on #socialnetworks:

Social Networks, from my point of view (as libre software user)


The social networks that I use (or not), and why

Enough for today, I hope I can finish the post soon for my readers - if any lasts after those two loooong posts :s

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Thanks Laura!  I'm looking forward to your posts on Pump!

Christopher Allan Webber at 2013-10-07T20:24:12Z

Why exactly do you prefer over diaspora or friendica?
They all meet some standard of being free - in the sense that you can implement your own server.

mray INACTIVE at 2013-10-10T09:36:16Z

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With regard of the software, I have no reasons to prefer
(No deep knowledge of any social network in particular).
It's just that, because of the migration, it happened that I began curious to tinker with it instead of with Diaspora or Friendica.
It's the same thing as if you need to edit video and you know that a friend uses Kdenlive, you give it a try. If it happens that your friend uses Openshot, you would begin to use Openshot instead of Kdenlive. And after that, you just keep on using the one that you installed (lazynes...).
In social networks, in addition to that, you create links with people, so if it's enjoying, there's little motivation to go to other place or try a different software.
I know it's not fair for fantastic projects as Friendica and Diaspora but.. what can I say... these things happen.

Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-10-10T10:39:34Z

thanks for that insight.
My decision to use stems from its decision not to be just a tentacle reaching into walled gardens, but instead provide some robust and expandable base.
Friendica limits itself too much by trying to be a native in every network, and Dispora seemed to be abandoned by its creators and failed to be truly decentralized even more than the old

mray INACTIVE at 2013-10-10T10:50:59Z